Internship Experience

The UMSI Internship Program is an integral part of the School of Information's professional master's programs. The program integrates the application of knowledge and skills to specific problems outside the classroom and enables you to combine what you have learned in the classroom with what you observe and experience in the "real world." Also, some graduates end up with job offers from the organizations where they originally interned.

Master of Health Informatics students must complete an approved 360+ hour internship in order to graduate. Typically, students fulfill this requirement in locations around the world during the summer between the first and second years of the program, but there is flexibility to complete an internship during fall or winter of their second year.

A key resource for finding internships is iTrack, UMSI's online recruiting system. You can search for internships by industry area, preferred job function, geographic location or keyword. Our Career Development Office educates students on conducting a successful internship search.

UMSI students may pursue the internship of their choosing; however for an internship to be approved for the UMSI Internship Program students should be seeking roles with the following benefits:  
-The internship is related to what is taught and researched at UMSI connecting to the student’s coursework and future career goals.
-The internship provides hands-on professional work that helps the student develop new learning, skills, and abilities.
-The student has a professional supervisor with three or more years of experience that provides mentoring for a successful experience

Presentation and Exhibit

In addition to the internship experience, students are required to complete the following internship-related work as part of the MHI Program Seminar.

  • Prepare an internship proposal and agreement during the MHI Program Seminar during the winter term of the first year
  • Document experiences on a regular basis throughout the internship
  • Present a summary of the internship experience and learning outcomes in the form of a presentation to peers in the MHI Program Seminar in the fall or winter of the second year
  • Complete an internship survey