Application Requirements

Master of Health Informatics applicants are required to complete a four year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university prior to enrollment in the master’s degree program.

University of Michigan Master of Health Informatics Application Requirements Sept 2017

Online Application

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Application Fee

Payment of the application fee is required in order to submit a completed online application and may be paid via credit card or electronic check. The application fee is $75 (US) for all applicants.


Applicants are required to submit online (as part of the online application process) scanned or electronic versions of transcripts for all previously completed or in-progress undergraduate and graduate coursework.

In addition, one official transcript from each undergraduate and graduate program attended must be mailed or submitted electronically directly to the Health Informatics program by each college or university attended. Applicants who have not yet completed a bachelor's degree may submit a current transcript at the time of application and a final transcript upon conferral of the bachelor's degree.

Electronic versions should be emailed to (preferred).

Transcripts can be mailed to:

Health Informatics Admissions
3360 North Quad
105 S. State St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1285

Standardized Test Scores

Scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), taken within the past five years, are required of all applicants.* Self-reported GRE scores are requested on the application for admission. Official GRE test scores must be submitted electronically directly to the University of Michigan by the testing organization. The institution code for the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor is 1839.

The GRE is the preferred standardized test; however we will also accept the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and/or Dental Admission Test (DAT) scores in lieu of GRE scores. In addition to self-reported information, official MCAT, GMAT, LSAT, or DAT scores must be sent directly to the University of Michigan by the testing organization.

Official MCAT scores may be sent electronically with a verification code. To generate an official report of your MCAT exam scores, navigate to the "My Reports" drop-down menu on the AAMC site and select "Print Score Report." The report includes a verification code that you (and anyone you send the report to) can use to verify the report's authenticity. Anyone with the verification code can securely retrieve a copy of that report via the Web.

Note: Because the report includes sensitive biographical data (your name and date of birth), you are advised to use discretion when giving out the report or the verification code. After you access your official score report, the verification code will be available and valid for 90 days. Once the code expires you must generate a new report, which will include a new verification code.

Scores older than five years will not be accepted.

If you have any questions regarding submission of any official test score, please contact

*Applicants with an earned PhD or U.S. or Canadian earned medical degree (such as MD, DDS, or PharmD) are not required to submit standardized exam scores.


TOEFL Requirement

TOEFL scores are required if English is not your first language. See exceptions to this policy and more details on our international applicants page.

Scores from the TOEFL exam, taken within the past two years, of 600 or higher on the paper-based test or 100 or higher on the internet-based test (iBT) are required. Official scores must be submitted electronically directly to the University of Michigan by the testing organization. The institution code for the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor is 1839. The Health Informatics program does not have a specific department code; you may list "99."

Applicants may choose to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) proficiency exam instead of the TOEFL (minimum score of 7.0 required). 

Letters of Recommendation

Applicants are required to submit three letters of recommendation. Recommendations should be written by faculty members or supervisors who can provide substantive letters; who know your academic abilities, classroom work, personal qualities, and professional demeanor; and who have taught or supervised you and can speak to your potential for successful graduate study. If you are currently or were recently a student, faculty members are appropriate recommenders. For current or recently graduated students, we strongly encourage a minimum of one letter of recommendation from a faculty member.

Other possible recommenders include employers and leaders in organizations with which you have volunteered. It is important that they are able to speak to your intellectual abilities and potential for leadership in the field of health informatics. Personal friends and family members are not appropriate recommenders.

Please note that we do not accept emailed letters of recommendation and we do not accept letters through the University of Michigan Reference Letter Service. All letters of recommendation must be uploaded into the online application portal by the letter writer.

The online application includes a section for registering your recommenders. Once registered, recommenders can submit their letters online. 


All applicants are required to upload a current resume or curriculum vitae as part of the online application.

Statement of Academic Purpose

A statement of academic purpose and personal statement are required of all applicants. In the online application, you will be instructed as follows:

Based on your understanding of the health informatics field and on your reading of the description of our program, please draft an essay that addresses the following questions:
1.    What are the critical issues in the field of Health Informatics? Which of these are of greatest interest to you?
2.    What are your short-term and long-term career goals? How would the University of Michigan Master of Health Informatics program help you achieve these goals?
3.    What specific personal, professional, or educational experience would you bring to the program and to the field?

Your essay should be three to four (3-4), double-spaced pages with 1-inch margins on all pages. Do not include a cover sheet.

Personal Statement

How have your background and life experiences, including cultural, geographical, financial, educational or other opportunities or challenges, motivated your decision to pursue a graduate degree at the University of Michigan? Please also discuss or explain any unusual patterns or anomalies in your academic or professional record (for example gaps in work or education, or a poor semester performance).

The Personal Statement should be one to two (1-2) pages double-spaced with 1-inch margins on all pages. Do not include a cover sheet.

Please include the following information in the header of all pages of your essays:
1.    The document title "Statement of Academic Purpose" or “Personal Statement”
2.    Your full name as it appears on the application
3.    Your 8 digit U-M ID number (if known)


The Health Informatics Admissions Team is here to help.

If you have questions on the application process, feel free to contact or call 734-647-7705.