Numerous health informatics initiatives and research projects are underway at U-M with core and affiliated health informatics faculty at the helm.

Clinical Health Informatics

Effect of health information technology on healthcare provider communication
Co-Investigator: Julia Adler-Milstein

$1.6 million study funded by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) will investigate how communication technologies such as health records, email and pagers are being used and where common failures occur.

Teaching healthcare providers to facilitate self-management of spinal cord injury
Co-Investigator: Joyojeet Pal

This study aims to enhance the knowledge, attitude and ability of healthcare providers to partner with individuals with spinal cord injuries in managing their health in order to promote improved outcomes and better quality of life.

Enhancing the cardiovascular safety of hemodialysis care
Study Lead: Tiffany Veinot
Co-Lead: Dr. Rajiv Saran

Helping kidney dialysis patients have healthier treatment sessions and longer lives is the goal of this $6.7 million project.

Using low-cost sensing to support self-management in spinal injuries
Lead investigator: Mark Newman
Co-investigator: Mark Ackerman

Researchers are working to develop a cloud-based mobile system, the Spinal Cord Injury Living and Learning System (SCILLS), to help people with spinal cord injuries or diseases to acquire self-management skills through a virtual coaching program managed by a clinician.


Consumer Health Informatics

Heart Steps: Adaptive mobile health intervention for physical activity maintenance
Principal Investigator: Predrag Klasnja

The study will develop a personalized, adaptive health application to encourage cardiac rehabilitation patients to maintain physical activity.

Systematic design of meaningful presentations of medical test data for patients
Principal Investigator: Brian Zikmund-Fisher

By tackling the problem of how best to present Hemoglobin A1c values and similar test results to patients with diabetes, this project will serve as a model to examine the larger problem of meaningless medical test data.


Health Informatics Policy

Understanding health IT-enabled performance improvement for older adults
Co-Principal Investigator: Julia Adler-Milstein

This project fills a current gap in knowledge about how best to deploy electronic health records (EHRs) and other health information technology (HIT) to improve safety, quality and cost in the care of older adults.


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