Masters International Volunteer Program

Peace Corps John Rincon Hekking Mozambique
Current MHI student and Coverdell Fellow John Rincon-Hekking facilitating a malaria prevention presentation at an elementary school in Nametil, Nampula, Mozambique, where he served in the Peace Corps from 2015–2016.

The Master of Health Informatics (MHI) program offers students the opportunity to participate in the Masters International Volunteer Program, which allows students to incorporate 27 months of Peace Corps service into their MHI degree. The Peace Corps Masters International Volunteer Program, based on the recently discontinued Peace Corps Master’s International program, provides students the chance to apply their unique skill set across many fields including health, the environment, education and policy. Students who participate in this program will complete their MHI degree and Peace Corps service in a total of four years. Participants also receive language, cross-cultural and technical training prior to embarking on their Peace Corps experience in their host country.

MHI students will have the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in the real world in areas of clinical, consumer or public health, information flow analysis, health records management, and other health or information-related areas.


Students who successfully complete the 27 months of Peace Corps service will receive a full tuition scholarship, stipend and benefits for their remaining two terms in the MHI program. The Peace Corps volunteer experience fulfills the internship requirement for the MHI degree. Upon returning to the MHI program, Peace Corps Masters International Volunteer students will contribute to the program’s community engagement efforts, in addition to bringing the Third Goal of the Peace Corps to the University.

Application and timeline

Masters International Volunteer applicants must meet the MHI program’s admissions qualifications and apply to the program first. If admitted to the MHI program, interested students will then submit an application for the Peace Corps approximately one year prior to anticipated departure (usually May or June prior to starting the MHI degree). Applicants must apply to the Peace Corps by September 15 to be considered for the scholarship opportunity. Students then complete the various steps of the Peace Corps application process, and if accepted are invited to volunteer following the first year of the MHI degree.

Peace Corps Masters International Volunteer Program Application Assistance

If you are considering volunteering with the Peace Corps or are in the midst of the application process, consider becoming a mentee in the Applicant Mentoring Program for Prospective Peace Corps Volunteers.  As a mentee, you will be matched with an appropriate mentor who served as a Peace Corps Volunteer, learn about the realities of living and working in a new culture and language in the developing world, and receive information on strengthening your candidacy. The program is sponsored by Southeast Michigan Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (SEMI RPCV). For a mentee application, email Jeanne Paul, RPCV/Brazil '64-'66, at and copy on your message.

Peace Corps Masters International Volunteer Program contact information

Interested applicants are asked to complete this brief form.

School of Information Peace Corps Coordinator
(734) 936-8735