Elective Courses

To build additional skills required to develop and deploy healthcare information systems, students will expand their knowledge and skills by taking approximately five elective courses. The total number of core and elective credits must equal a minimum of 52.

The following is a list of possible elective course options, and students are welcome to explore other options in the School of Information, School of Public Health or other units. All elective decisions should be made under the advisement of a Health Informatics program faculty advisor. Please note this is not a comprehensive list of elective courses. Students are welcome to explore other graduate course options.


BIOINF 527 Introduction to Bioinformatics 


BIOSTAT 553 Applied Biostatistics 
BIOSTAT 619 Clinical Trials 

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

EECS 588 Computer and Network Security 
EECS 598 Special Topics: Biomedical Machine Learning 

Environmental Health Science

EHS 608/EPID 608 Environmental Epidemiology 


EPID 514 Social Epidemiology 
EPID 626 Epidemiology, Health Services and Policy 
EPID 777 Geographic Information Systems 

Health Behavior and Health Education

HBEHED 530 Techniques of Survey Research 
HBEHED 622 Program Evaluation in Health Education 
HBEHED 624 Needs Assessment Methods for Behavioral and Educational Health Programs 
HBEHED 627 Chronic Illness Interventions: Infancy to Early Adulthood 
HBEHED 628 Chronic Illness Interventions: Midlife to Older Adulthood 
HBEHED 630 Aging and Health Behavior 
HBEHED 633 Social Networks and Social Support in Health Education 
HBEHED 641 Materials and Methods in Health Education Programs 
HBEHED 651 Program Development and Health Education 
HBEHED 661 Designing Sticky Communications for Health Advocacy, Edu & Mass Media 
HBEHED 662 Risk Communication: Theory, Techniques and Applications in Health 
HBEHED 668 Health Communication for Public Health 

Health Management and Policy

HMP 604 Organization and Management of Health Advocacy and Community-Based Non-profits
HMP 610 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health
HMP 640 Program Evaluation in Public Health 
HMP 643 Managing People in Health Organizations 
HMP 654 Operations Research and Control Systems 

Mechanical Engineering/Engineering/Biomedical Engineering

MECHENG 599-004 / ENGR 599-002 / BIOMEDE 599-011 Special Topics: Design for Global Health 


SI 529 Online Communities 
SI 530 Principles in Management 
SI 531 Human Interaction in Information Retrieval 
SI 534 Theories of Social Influence 
SI 539 Design of Complex Websites 
SI 544 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis 
SI 551 Behavior and Experience of Information Users 
SI 552 Technology and Accessibility 
SI 582 Introduction to Interaction Design 
SI 588 Fundamentals of Human Behavior 
SI 606 Personal Informatics Design 
SI 608 Networks 
SI 612 Pervasive Interaction Design 
SI 617 Choice Architecture 
SI 618 Exploratory Data Analysis 
SI 622 Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation 
SI 627 Managing the IT Organization 
SI 649 Information Visualization 
SI 650 Information Retrieval 
SI 655 Records and Accountability in Modern Society 
SI 663 Entrepreneurship in the Information Industry 
SI 671 Data Mining: Methods and Applications 
SI 684 Designing Consumer Health Technologies 
SI 686 User-Generated Content 
SI 689 Social Interaction Experience