Core Courses

In order to develop a strategic vision for health informatics applications, students acquire through the core curriculum an understanding of human and organizational behavior, of technology capabilities and constraints, and of the health care context. In order to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate systems, students learn to apply tools and techniques for design, analysis, and management. Through the program seminar sequence, students read about and discuss emerging technologies, learn from guest speakers, and prepare for and present on their internship experiences. 

Some requirements offer a waiver option. Waivers do not reduce the 52 credits required for the degree but enable students to choose other courses of interest.

Area 1: Core health informatics  

PUBHLTH 573/SI 573 Health Informatics Seminar I 
PUBHLTH 574/SI 574 Health Informatics Seminar II 
HMP 668/SI 542/BIOINF 668 Introduction to Health Informatics 
SI 648/HMP 648 Evaluation Methods for Health Informatics 
SI 661/HMP 661 Managing Health Informatics 

Selective Courses (Choose one)
HMP 611/SI 611 Population Health Informatics
SI 653/HBEHED 653/HMP 670 Evidence-Informed Decision-Making for 21st Century Health Care
SI 654/HMP 649 Critical Policy Issues in Health IT 
SI 554/HBHE 654 Consumer Health Informatics
HBHE 503 Introduction to Health Behavior Theory and Approaches
LHS 712 Medical Natural Language Processing
LHS 610 Exploratory Data Analysis for Health
LHS 611 - Knowledge Representation and Knowledge Management

Area 2: Health system and organizational studies 

One of the following:

HMP 602 Survey of the US Health Care System
HMP 677 Health Care Organization: An International Perspective
LHS 621+ PUBHLTH 626
   LHS 621 - Implementation Science in Health 1
   PUBHLTH 626 - Understanding and Improving the US Health Care System
LHS 650 + PUBHLTH 626
   LHS 650 - Health Infrastructures Pro Seminar 1
   PUBHLTH 626 - Understanding and Improving the US Healthcare System

Area 3: Human and social behavior 

One of the following:
HBEHED 503 Introduction to Health Behavior Theory and Approaches
SI 554/HBEHED 654 Consumer Health Informatics 

Area 4: Methods 

SI 501 Contextual Inquiry and Project Management 

EPID Selective Courses (Choose one)

EPID 503 Strategies and Uses of Epidemiology
HMP 611/SI 611 Population Health Informatics 

STATS Selective Courses (Choose one)

BIOSTAT 501 Introduction to Biostatistics 
BIOSTAT 521 Applied Biostatistics 
SI 544 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis 

Note: BIOSTAT 501, BIOSTAT 521 or SI 544 may be waived, based on passing performance on the School of Public Health’s biostatistics exemption exam

Area 5: Information management, retrieval, and design

Programming requirement (Choose one)

LHS 610 - Exploratory Data Analysis for Health
SI 506 Programming I
HS 650 - Data Science and Predictive Analytics

Database requirement (Choose one)

HMP 553 Data Management in Health Care
SI 664 Database Application Design
HMP 669 Database Systems and Internet Applications in Health Care 


Classes and Additional Requirements:

EHS Canvas Module - EHS Canvas video series
SPH Symposium - In-person symposium at SPH
Internship - Meet the minimum internship requirements