Core Values & Competencies

Professionals in the field of health informatics strive to improve the health of individuals, groups and populations through innovative information technology that is thoughtfully designed, implemented and managed, and that is responsive to both present and future needs. Informed by a deep understanding of information, technology, and public health, graduates of the health informatics program will develop a unique vision for how to achieve this goal along with the skills to pursue this vision.

Core Values

Graduates of the program:

  • Are committed to improving health and health care.
  • Are committed to meeting diverse needs and reducing disparities.
  • Recognize that health science is an information science.
  • Appreciate the difference between what is possible and what is needed.
  • Recognize the importance of understanding the communities and organizations where individuals live and work.
  • Innovate and lead.


Graduates of the program will be able and motivated to:

  • Assess the needs and resources of individuals, organizations, and communities where individuals live and work--to ensure that information technology deployed to improve health will sustainably meet these needs.
  • Design socio-technical interventions that employ forward looking and human-centered methods, are novel and creative, are usable, fit to context, and thereby carry high probably of successful deployment.
  • Appropriately utilize theories of individual behavior, social science, health management, and organizational change in the design and implementation of socio-technical interventions.
  • Implement and manage socio-technical innovations in ways that respect the prevailing culture, organizational context, and policies relating to health.
  • Evaluate information technology interventions to ascertain their effects and improve them over time.